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5 May

Rented house rental business always growing and evolve each year in each town and each province. Many people consider that type of rented house rental business is rated as a great investment to ease judgment obtained is sufficient to receive rent payments from tenants of the house without having to perform other activities.

BKKBN records, in 2011 Indonesia’s population reached 241 million people. With Indonesia’s population growth rate, currently at 1.5 percent per year or an increase of about 3.5 million inhabitants, it is the end of 2012 is expected to reach 245 million people. While the 2010 data from the Directorate General of Religious Affairs Ministry of Islamic Guidance explained that an average of 2 million people get married every year in Indonesia.

If than 2 million marriages happening each year’s assume 80% of the newly married couple looking for a house for rent immediately, it means that there are 1.6 million people in need of rented houses in Indonesia.


  1. Looking for the location of the rented

If you do not already have a rented building, so it is better to locate it first. Location should you get is a busy location but should not reach the right market. To quickly get customers, then you can choose between two locations, namely education, especially campus location, then the location of the factory.

We certainly know that students and employees are the primary target in this rented home business opportunities. They are definitely consumers who desperately need a place to stay while in college and work locations.


  1. Determine the contract price

How does the average rent payment system in the area? whether monthly or annually? then, how the average price set? The questions you need answered before have rented a home business. Find the average price and then you are in between those prices. Do not ever apply for a low price in order to get consumers and also do not apply too high a price.

You currently have a business where ethics. When you want to target profit then do it wisely and do not use less baik.Tindakan way to lower the price so low is a tactic many businesses to reach consumers as much as possible. Determine the contract price based on the market price and the fair berbisnislah.




  1. Looking consumers

Getting a consumer it is not hard if you’re looking for a contract. Because, consumers would like a contract that clean both inside and outside the home. The contract does not have to be fancy or pretentious, but the important thing is cleanliness. So, make sure your rented property looks interesting and so clean.


  1. Managing the contract

Although the contract provides passive financial results against us, but the management of the business should remain careful. As the owner, look at your contract in a month or even once a week to make sure everything was okay. If necessary, do a thorough check to obtain information about the condition of contract certainty you. Often owners do not rent checks, and then he found a lot of damage, and other problems that occur in his contract.


  1. Raising a rented business

Rent you can make money so abundant that if managed optimally. When you have a large enough budget, then make a new contract, then do it to continue. The way to make rent more and more from year to year and it is not possible, your pension will be happy because of big business that continues to contract.

One thing is for sure your building is formed with the best materials in order to stay up to decades. Because, many owners choose the contract that went bankrupt with poor quality building materials. Where, they just want a quick execution, but not concerned with the quality of existing.


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